The project was subsidised by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development as part of the Czech Republic – Poland Territorial Cooperation Operational Program 2007-2013, as well as from government funds, via the Nysa Euroregion and the budget of Lwówek County.
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Lwówek County
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Lwówek County / Microregion Frydlant

There are many attractions in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship (Province), and not only for tourists. They include the areas in the south-west part of the province next to the Polish-Czech border, which have great sightseeing appeal. Those are the lands of the Lwówek District and the Frýdlant Region adjacent to it on the Czech side of the border.

The current guide introduces the sightseeing, historical, geological and natural attractions of the geographically similar land on both sides of the border. The area described on the Polish side mainly encompasses the Izerskie Foothills and a significant portion of the Izerskie Mountains. On the Czech side you also find the Izerskie Foothills (Frýdlantská pahorkatina)
and the Izerskie Mountains (Jizerské hory). The juxtaposition of the regions isn’t accidental. Both have many common features: in terms of nature, geology and culture. For many years both regions belonged to the same government body, being part of Bohemia and later a part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In recent years the efforts of the authorities on both sides of the border have the led to the establishment of many tourist trails linking the Polish and Czech sections of the Izerskie Foothills and Mountains. There’s also a road crossing that makes it possible to travel around freely. The aim of this guide is to show that the direct proximity and removal of borders can lead to a better mutual understanding.